Know where you stand, Be mindful, &Always keep pace with your soul <3

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Mind Doodles
california! socal born &raised, bay area livin'. currently residing in tahoe, just for the summer. 22 years old, independent, working, student, optimist prime ;) family, friends, strangers, pencil, paper, &music.

facebook-hater, instagram-whore, non-hipster, mainstream-media-outcast, fitness-aficionado, 24/7 beach-lover, the ocean, the sunshine, the stars, adrenaline-junkie, tattoos, and piercings, and heights, oh my! plurlife to the next life. no, but really.

Unless otherwise stated or obviously mine, I don't claim ownership to any of the images posted on here.


"What does Oochie Wally mean?" "Urban Dic that shit!" LOL. #oochiewally #oneofthosenights #dgaf #rockstarlifestyle (Taken with Instagram)